Carriers & Service Providers

RAD’s Service Assured Access solutions enable providers to maximize service reach for business retail, carrier-to-carrier and mobile backhaul over regional, national and global segments by leveraging investments in advanced network platforms, with a full range of service rates up to 10 Gbps. Carriers can offer uniform service attributes across multiple provider networks using effective service management tools for maintaining end-to-end SLAs with class of service (CoS) consistency and complete visibility. 

Featured Applications

Ethernet Private LAN 
TDM and Ethernet over SDH/SONET or IP 
Inter-Carrier Demarcation with E-NNI 
2G and 3G Aggregation over PDH, SDH, SONET
2G, 3G, 4G Convergence over PDH, SDH, SONET 
Mobile Backhaul over SHDSL
Mobile Backhaul over SHDSL 

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Ethernet Service Aggregation Platform
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10G Carrier Ethernet Demarcation/Aggregation Device
Advanced Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device ETX-205A
Advanced Carrier Ethernet/Mobile Demarcation Device
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