Mobile Backhaul

RAD’s mobile demarcation devices and aggregation-site gateways backhaul IP and Ethernet mobile broadband traffic for cost-effective transport of HSPA and LTE services, providing sophisticated traffic management, performance monitoring, high availability, resilience, and synchronization over packet for end-to-end and end-to-edge SLA assurance. In addition, RAD offers a portfolio of cell-site gateways to backhaul 2G TDM and 3G ATM over any transport network, efficiently handling voice, video, and data with cross-generation support, regardless of the underlying physical layer.


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Cell-Site Gateways ACE-3100 
Cell-Site Gateway
Cell-Site Gateway ACE-3105
Cell-Site Gateway
Cell-Site Gateway - ACE-3200 ACE-3200
Cell-Site Gateway
Cell-Site Gateway
Aggregation Site Gateways ACE-3400
Aggregation Site Gateway
Aggregation Site Gateway - ACE-3402 ACE-3402
Aggregation Site Gateway
RNC-Site Gateway ACE-3600
RNC-Site Gateway
Carrier Ethernet/Mobile Demarcation Device
Advanced Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device ETX-205A
Advanced Carrier Ethernet/Mobile Demarcation Device