Utility Communications

Amit: Getting ready for the Smart Grid means I’m rolling out new applications and devices, but still have legacy equipment in many locations. I’ve got eSCADA RTUs next to serial devices, automatic meter concentrators together with analog bridges, distribution automation devices, and more, which I need to manage and connect back to Control.

Mark, RAD Engineer, Utility Communications: With the right solutions, you can support TDM and slow data alongside IP-based services such as eSCADA. RAD’s hybrid multiservice access nodes have a card for any kind of service/interface, from Fast Ethernet/GbE to serial, sub-64Kbps or analog voice, so when you upgrade site equipment you continue to use the same access equipment, no need to even swap out cards. You can get the long-term investment cycle utilities typically expect.

Amit: I’d prefer to run my communications over Ethernet/IP to minimize costs, but I need to make sure that all my applications survive the change. I’m especially concerned about the Teleprotection guys.

Mark: Sure, you can run SDH/SONET and Ethernet, IP or MPLS infrastructure simultaneously. We understand some services, like Teleprotection, will take longer to migrate to Ethernet/IP. All you need is a hybrid multiservice multiplexer that supports both SONET/SDH and Ethernet/IP uplinks, like RAD’s does. RAD’s multiplexer also incorporates pseudowire technology, so that you can run legacy services seamlessly and reliably over Ethernet/IP and benefit from immediate cost savings.

Amit: And when I do manage to migrate everything to Ethernet/IP, both on the service and the network side, is that when I need to upgrade to all-IP equipment?

Mark: No, that’s the beauty of RAD’s solution. You control the pace of your migration and when you’re done you have full-featured Carrier-grade Ethernet devices carrying your data with predictable performance and mission-critical accuracy. You also get all the latest standards-based capabilities that the communications industry uses and expects: rigorous traffic management with multi-level prioritization, timing synchronization over packet, fault management, testing and performance monitoring tools so that you achieve SONET/SDH performance over the economical Ethernet/IP backbone.


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