Carrier Ethernet

Generate More Revenue. Transport Ethernet over Anything

Maximize your revenue per customer with RAD Data Communications’ carrier-grade Ethernet solutions.  Extend and aggregate your Ethernet services on- or off-net, over a variety of access infrastructures.

"RAD's technology allows us to meet the rapidly increasing demand for managed Ethernet services through leased-line connectivity.
Kamran Sistanizadeh
Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder
Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc.


Single vendor support of Ethernet extension and aggregation over PDH/SONET, fiber, DSL, wireless and services e.g. TDM, HDLC over Ehternet, ensures end-to-end compatibility and ease of operations. View illustrative network diagram on the right or products tab for full list.


"We have many RAD products throughout our network: the RICi-T3, IPmux-11, IMXi-4, the FCD-155 and four or five complete Airmux-200 wireless radio links...We are definitely happy with the products and support we've received from RAD."
Michael Melanson
Network Administrator