RAD’s SDH or SONET add/drop multiplexers transport TDM and next-generation Ethernet traffic over the SDH or SONET ring, leveraging the SDH or SONET infrastructure to provide Internet access and LAN connectivity in addition to traditional E1, T1 tributary services.

Deployed by carriers and service providers to leverage optical bandwidth for revenue-generating Ethernet services, enterprises, utilities and campuses also deploy SDH or SONET ADMs to provide LAN services over fiber optic infrastructure.

Service providers and end users benefit from the SDH, SONET add/drop multiplexer’s managed Ethernet bandwidth utilization, cutting capital expenditures and operating costs, while enabling a larger range of services.


Ethernet over SDH or SONET Terminal Multiplexer FCD-155
STM-1/OC-3 Terminal Multiplexer
Ethernet over SDH/SONET ADM FCD-155E
Ethernet over SDH/SONET ADM