Aggregation Site Gateways

RAD’s aggregation site gateways provide multiservice support for ATM, TDM and Ethernet traffic delivery over ATM, SDH/SONET and packet networks. Typically located at hub sites or BSC/RNC sites, they work opposite RAD’s cell-site gateways to deliver SLA-based quality-of-service (QoS) and support transparent delivery of 2G, 3G and next-generation services. The ACE-3400, ACE-3402 and ACE-3600 ensure the most economical allocation of backhaul resources and incorporate a range of standards-based ATM and TDM pseudowire encapsulation methods, including ATMoPSN, CESoPSN and SAToP. In addition, they feature highly-accurate clock distribution capabilities to meet the key requirements for mobile backhaul, such as +/- 16 ppb (parts per billion) frequency accuracy.

Aggregation Site Gateways ACE-3400
Aggregation Site Gateway
Aggregation Site Gateway - ACE-3402 ACE-3402
Aggregation Site Gateway
RNC-Site Gateway ACE-3600
RNC-Site Gateway