RADiFlow Switches 3700/3300



Service Aware Industrial Ethernet Switches

The high density RADiFlow 3300/ RADiFlow 3700 Modular Industrial Ethernet Switch combines a ruggedized Ethernet platform with a unique application-aware firewall and VPN engine. Acting as a switch-layer firewall, it is engineered to operate with high reliability even in the harshest environments. Using deep packet inspection, it monitors and controls individual read/write permissions on network applications within the organization.

The RADiFlow 3300/ RADiFlow 3700 is ideal for organizations with critical infrastructures requiring multi-layer security such as nuclear, power, water and gas utilities, transportation agencies, public safety and homeland security. For such organizations, it provides an additional layer of protectionfrom the inside against ever-increasing cyber-based threats that pose serious risk of causing widespread catastrophic disruptions.

RADiFlow’s high level of service-aware integrated functionality distinguishes it from other industrial Ethernet switches that require additional peripheral devices to deliver the same protection.

For more information, download the Data Sheet.

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