Sub-Rate Multiservice Multiplexers


The sub-rate multiservice multiplexer product line is a platform for integrating data, voice, fax, and LAN over a single link. The multiplexers, grouped in the Kilomux product family, mix a variety of traffic types over leased lines, ISDN, IP, and fractional E1 and T1 lines, over copper or fiber, at data rates from 9.6 kbps to 1,536 kbps.

Combining award-winning, high-quality voice compression techniques with maximum bandwidth utilization and a wide range or network and user interfaces, the sub-rate multiplexers provide reliable point-to-point and drop-and-insert data/voice integration solutions at an affordable price particularly attractive to the transportation, utilities and governmental markets.

The low overhead, minimal end-to-end delay and allocated bandwidth of the sub-rate multiplexers, together with voice compression, ensure Quality of Service (QoS) while maximizing utilization of the available bandwidth.

The Kilomux is a modular device and comes with a large number of user and network interface modules, supporting high-speed and low-speed data, analog and digital voice, and various main links.


Subrate Multiplexer Kilomux-2100
Subrate Multiservice Multiplexer
Subrate Multiplexer Kilomux-2104
Subrate Multiservice Multiplexers