Migrate Substation Communications to Reliable, Resilient Ethernet/IP

Your Needs:

Transport legacy and IP/Ethernet-based substation communications over a packet switched network with robust quality of service for mission critical traffic.

Our Solution:

Use RAD’s multiservice multiplexers and Ethernet aggregation devices to transport any substation traffic over Ethernet/IP/MPLS with prioritized quality of service and performance assurance for mission critical services.



Single-box support for all types of legacy TDM and Ethernet-based substation communications including: eSCADA, SCADA, Teleprotection, video/CCTV and voice

End to end service control using ” Carrier Ethernet” standards

Performance monitoring and diagnostics tools support multiple traffic levels including mission critical, real time (e.g. voice) and best effort

Precision Timing Transport ensures a smooth migration to the PSN (packet-switched network)