Cross Connects

RAD’s digital cross connect products groom and concentrate fractional traffic from the user side into full E1/T1, E3/T3 or STM-1/OC-3 trunks for connection to central offices. Deployment of RAD’s digital cross connect products for backhauling enables the delivery of leased line services at lower capital and operational costs.

Available in a wide range of capacities, RAD’s digital cross connects are deployed by cellular operators, carriers, utility companies, enterprises and ISPs.

The digital cross connect products, grouped in the DXC product family, can broadcast any traffic combination from a single input to numerous destinations. In addition, bundled services can be delivered over copper or fiber optic lines with integrated fiber optic, SHDSL and IDSL modems, thereby providing a migration path to optical and packet-switched networks.

RAD’s scalable digital cross connect solutions enable quick service provisioning when the subscriber base expands.

Digital Cross Connect DXC-10A
Digital Cross Connect
E1 to T1 Converter and Timeslot Cross Connect DXC-2
E1 to T1 Converter and Timeslot Cross Connect
Digital Cross Connect DXC-30
Digital Cross-Connect
Fractional E1/T1 Groomer DXC-4
Fractional E1/T1 Groomer
Digital Cross Connect DXC-8R
Digital Cross Connect