Central Gateways

RAD’s TDM pseudowire central gateways, located at central sites, offer a high-capacity carrier-class pseudowire solution for aggregating and terminating pseudowire traffic. RAD’s TDM pseudowire central gateways groom, concentrate and relay TDM pseudowire traffic over IP/Ethernet and MPLS-based networks.

TDM pseudowire central gateways enable carriers to reduce costs by utilizing packet-switched networks for TDM transport.

Carriers use the TDM pseudowire central gateway for concentrating links from multiple sites for transporting E1/T1, E3,T3, STM-1, and OC-3 traffic as well as serial data links over a Gigabit Ethernet network, while maintaining carrier-grade voice quality. Cellular operators use the TDM pseudowire central gateway for backhauling GSM and UMTS traffic to reduce costs, trunking multiple TDM streams over IP networks.

The RAD TDM pseudowire central gateway solution is managed by the RADview Service Center TDMoIP.