Mobile Backhaul


Mobile backhaul demarcation with end-to-end service control and SLA monitoring. Go beyond Best Effort Ethernet, over any infrastructure and keep your costs down.

End-to-End QoS: Shape your traffic any way you want with powerful traffic classification, policing, hierarchical scheduling and per-EVC shaping

Flexible Connectivity Options: Rely on flow-based Ethernet NIDs to maximize port utilization for MEF-certified EVPL, E-LAN and E-Tree services over any infrastructure - Fiber, TDM, SONET, DSL, PON or Microwave

Lifecycle Cost Management: Reduce inventories and avoid truck rolls with NIDs that provision Ethernet across any infrastructure and feature pluggable SFP Ethernet converters, fiber/copper combo ports and all-in-one power supplies

Non-Disruptive Upgrade to Carrier Ethernet: Move from Best Effort Ethernet to Carrier Ethernet without overhauling your entire network. Color-sensitive P-bit re-marking ensures metering continuity in color-blind networks. NIDs support legacy and next-gen protocols.

Enhanced Service Assurance: In-Service and Out-of-Service: Manage your service KPIs 24x7x365 with built-in test engines for RFC 2544, Ethernet OAM, fault management, and performance monitoring

Hardware-Based OAM: Faster than software-based OAM, hardware-based OAM is quicker to detect loss of continuity, and detects even a single lost frame. Multi-flow monitoring and line-rate loopback

High Availability: Minimize service downtime and meet availability targets with standard Ethernet ring protection switching, Ethernet linear protection switching and link aggregation

Synchronization over Packet: Protect critical traffic from latency and jitter with powerful timing and synchronization tools, including IEEE 1588v2 and Synchronous Ethernet

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Ethernet demarcation for IP NodeB/4G LTE

Your Needs

Enable service assurance in IP Node B and 4G LTE networks, by providing a clear demarcation between mobile operator and transport provider domains, including end-to-end service control and SLA measurement.

Our Solution

RAD’s ETX line of Carrier Ethernet mobile demarcation and aggregation devices enable wholesale and transport providers to manage backhaul SLAs for mobile broadband and LTE operators with easy troubleshooting mechanisms and monthly performance reports, including real-time access to network KPIs.