Ethernet over Fiber

For Ethernet over Fiber, RAD offers the MEF-certified ETX series of demarcation and aggregation devices. These provide up to 10 Gigabit premium Ethernet services over fiber with sophisticated traffic management, end-to-end service control, SLA monitoring, high availability, and SDH/SONET-like resilience. The ETX Carrier Ethernet demarcation devices are perfect for delivering EPL and EVPL as well as EPLAN, EVPLAN and E-Tree business, wholesale and mobile backhaul services. The incorporation of RAD’s SyncToP feature set ensures highly accurate support for synchronization and Timing over Packet requirements.

10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Switch ETX-1002
10 Gigabit Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Switch
Ethernet Network Termination Units and Demarcation Devices ETX-102
Basic Ethernet Demarcation Device
Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device ETX-201
Basic Ethernet Demarcation Device
Ethernet Network Termination Units and Demarcation Devices ETX-202
Basic Ethernet Demarcation Device
ETX-203A: Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device ETX-203AX
Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device
Carrier Ethernet/Mobile Demarcation Device
Advanced Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device ETX-205A
Advanced Carrier Ethernet/Mobile Demarcation Device
Managed Ethernet Switch ETX-26
Managed Ethernet Switch
IPmux-216 IPmux-216
TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway
TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway IPmux-24
TDM Pseudowire Access Gateway
Multiservice Access Node Megaplex-4100
Multiservice Access Node
SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateway MiTOP-E1/T1
SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateway
SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateway MiTOP-E3/T3
SFP-Format TDM Pseudowire Gateway
E1 and Ethernet Optical Multiplexer Optimux-106
Fiber Multiplexer for 4 T1 and Ethernet or Serial Data
E1 and Ethernet Optical Multiplexer Optimux-108
Fiber Multiplexer for 4 E1 and Ethernet or Serial Data 
Optimux-108L: 4 E1 Fiber Optic Multiplexer Optimux-108L
Power Saving Fiber Multiplexer for 4E1 and Ethernet