Power Utilities


Utility Communications Solutions

For more than 30 years, RAD has worked closely with its worldwide energy utility customers to provide field-proven communications solutions that address the automation, Teleprotection and core operational network needs of their transmission and distribution (T&D) grids.

Service Assured Networking: RAD offers reliable, scalable, managed, and performance guaranteed solutions for automation, protection, security, and ICT networking that support multiple deployment mode scenarios over fiber, DSL and PDH.

RAD's Solutions for Power Utilities:

Amit, Network Engineer:

“I need to migrate my infrastructure to IP in order
to reduce costs. How do I
keep my SDH/SONET and
TDM applications
running reliably?”


John, Head of Teleprotection:

“Absolutely nothing must compromise the operation of our Teleprotection relays. I need deterministic, fail-safe connectivity that meets our latency budget and symmetric delay
criteria. “


Security Engineer:

“I need to minimize system vulnerability. Our outside protection is solid but anyone with network access can cause damage. How do I protect from inside threats without increasing
complexity by
an order of




       Cyber Security for Power Utilities


       Migration to an All-Packet Network that Supports Smart Grid Applications