Railway Signaling over DSL and Fiber

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Railway Signaling over DSL and Fiber


Your Needs:

Enable service extension for railway signaling across long distances.

Our Solution:

RAD’s railway signaling connectivity solutions enable service extension across long distances over DSL and fiber, while reducing the costs associated with connecting geographically dispersed locations via multi-drop (daisy-chain) installations. Easy implementation of ring topology when additional link/service protection is required.


  • Connect remote devices and services, such as video surveillance cameras, signaling equipment and analog phones over E1/T1, DSL, fiber optic, or wireless connections
  • Ensure reliable communications across long distances (10 km/6.2 miles over SHDSL or 120 km/74.5 miles over fiber) with data transmission rates of up to 22.8 Mbps (SHDSL) or 100 Mbps (FO/wireless)
  • Ruggedized enclosures for deploying outdoors ; dedicated devices for trackside deployments
  • Multi-rate TDM and Ethernet ring support for sub-50 ms restoration and a cost-effective alternative to multi-link connectivity