Boosting NERC-CIP Compliance

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Boosting NERC-CIP Compliance

Fortifying the Substation ESP

NERC-CIP’s most recent release, version 5, focuses primarily on BES substations and their critical Cyber Assets (CA), by establishing an Electronic Security Perimeter (ESP) around the substation’s control system. RAD’s Megaplex, a major building block in RAD’s Service Assured Networking (SAN) solutions for power utilities, is strategically located to manage all electronic access to the substation and the cyber assets within it from external and internal attacks.

This paper reviews Megaplex’ 3-tier ESP protection and outlines how it helps power utilities boost their compliance with NERC CIP 005 and 007 requirements.

What you will learn:

  • Multiservice Aggregation and 10 Gbps Access/Core Platform
  • Cyber Attack Prevention (CAP)
  • Supporting NERC-CIP Compliance
  • Why Select RAD’s Megaplex