Cyber Security for Power Utilities


A defense primer for the operational network


This white paper explores the variety of challenges that arise when securing Industrial Control Protocol (ICP) networks in a power utility environment. It addresses the limitations of current solutions and proposes new technologies to deal with numerous vulnerabilities inherent in the communications network.

Download Cyber Security for Power Utilities White Paper.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Traditional Defenses
  • New Packet Technology
  • Security by Obscurity
  • Vulnerabilities of the Industrial Control Network
  • Vulnerabilities of RTUs and SCADA Equipment
  • Vulnerabilities of the Power Network Communications
  • Approaches in Defending Against Cyber Security Threats
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Network Protection
  • Minimizing Control Plane Attacks
  • Minimizing Data Plane Attacks
  • Internal Application Protection (Malware Protection)
  • Cyber Security Framework for Layered Networking Defenses in Industrial Control Systems
  • Defense-in-Depth of Power ICS Systems
  • Multiple Layers
  • Summary

Download Cyber Security for Power Utilities White Paper.