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Ethernet over SHDSL.bis 8-Port Module 


ASMi-54C is an LRS-102 SHDSL.bis Ethernet module that delivers digital data to customer premises over existing copper cables of the distribution network while eliminating the need for repeaters. It transports Ethernet over 1, 2, and 4 pairs of SHDSL.bis copper lines.


• 16 wire-module for Ethernet services over 2W (1-pair), 4W (2-pair), or 8W (4-pair) SHDSL.bis lines 

• Two SFP or UTP 10/100BaseT Ethernet ports  

• Operation opposite RAD’s ASMi-54 in varied combinations over up to 8 wire 

• SHDSL bonding for EFM: PAF according to IEEE 802.3