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ACE-3402    Aggregation Site Gateway - ACE-3402Aggregation Site Gateway - ACE-3402

Aggregation Site Gateway

RAD’s ACE-3400 and ACE-3402 Aggregation-Site gateways are carrier-class multiservice aggregators, specifically designed to optimize cellular backhaul by multiplexing various ATM or TDM services into a single IMA, STM-1/OC-3 or Gigabit Ethernet network interface.


  • 32 or 63 x ATM UNI/IMA/CES, E1/T1 (ACE-3400)
  • Channelized STM-1/OC-3 with up to 63 x VC-12 channels for SDH or 84 VT 1.5 channels with UNI/IMA/CES
  • 1+1 STM-1/OC-3c ATM ports
  • 1+1 Gigabit Ethernet uplink
  • Up to 512 pseudowire connections with CESoPSN, SAToP and ATMoPSN support
  • ATM and pseudowire OAM, QoS
  • End-to-end fault propagation between legacy and packet switched networks
  • +/-16 ppb frequency accuracy; high precision clock distribution
  • RADview-EMS element manager compliant with any thirdparty NMS/OSS; Fast Ethernet management interface (ACE-3402)