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ACE-3105          Cell-Site Gateway

Cell-Site Gateway

RAD’s ACE-3105 cell-site gateway utilizes widespread wholesale ADSL2+ and SHDSL.bis deployments over copper infrastructure for cost-effective delivery of GSM, UMTS and HSDPA mobile broadband services over ATM, PSN or hybrid transport networks.


  • Four E1/T1 ports (UNI/IMA/CES/SAToP)
  • Four SHDSL/SHDSL.bis ports (Annex A, B, F, G) or a single ADSL2/2+ (Annex A, B) port
  • Flexible bonding options: SHDSL.bis EFM, IMA and M-Pair support
  • Two 10/100BaseT ports
  • Multi-standard Ethernet, TDM and Atm pseudowire encapsulation over PSNs
  • 1588v2 Slave Clock support
  • Highly-accurate clock regeneration with ACR over xDSL and NTR over SHDSL
  • Ethernet-to-Ethernet bridging capabilities to transport Ethernet traffic from the IP NodeB
  • PPPoE support for HSPA applications
  • Hardened enclosure
  • Wide-range power supply
  • Remote management with RADview-EMS