A Management Information Base (MIB) is a collection of information that is organized hierarchically. MIBs are stored on a network agent for access by a network management station which uses a protocol such as SNMP. They are comprised of managed objects, (which are essentially variables), and identified by object IDs, which uniquely identify a managed object in the MIB hierarchy. The MIB hierarchy can be depicted as a tree with a nameless root, the levels of which are assigned by different organizations. The top-level MIB object IDs belong to different standards organizations, while lower-level object IDs are allocated by associated organizations. Vendors can define private branches that include managed objects for their own products. RAD devices are managed via SNMP using both standard MIBs and the private RAD MIB, which are available below. In addition, the RFCLIST.zip file contains names of the RFCs/MIBs required for compilation, excluding SNMPc-specific MIBs. Standard MIBs RAD private MIB RFCLIST.zip. There is no added value in using device-specific MIBs, as the RAD MIB includes all necessary information. RAD recommends using its private MIB when managing RAD devices. Compilation instructions (SNMPc): 1. Download the following files: Standard MIBs, RAD private MIB, SNMPc.zip, names.zip. 2. Unzip the files. Verify that resulting subfolders remain intact. 3. Copy all files, including files in subfolders, to the MIB directory (..Program FilesSNMPc Network Managermibfiles). 4. Compile the MIBs. Disclaimer: These files were tested on SNMPc and HPOV platforms only. Thus RAD cannot ensure successful compilation on other SNMP platforms which have different requirements and characteristics. Compiling the RAD MIB on other platforms is solely the responsibility of the customer.