Airmux Site Survey and Antenna Alignment Guide The AirMux Site Survey and Antenna Alignment Guide details the stages in finding an interference free installation site for the AirMux wireless system, and gives full instructions on how to install and align the AirMux antennas for optimum performance. PDF, 1870 KB Last updated: January 25, 2005 Cable Finder An interactive utility for matching RAD products and cables. The guide includes cable drawings and wiring diagrams. Last updated: August 19, 2010 Cable Finder - offline version Save the zip file on your hard drive, then extract all files, including To match products to cables, open the Products and Cables matches.xls file. To display cable details, double-click the Cables detail.html file. Last updated: April 17, 2011 Modem Selection Guide Helps to select a modem by DTE, line interface, data rate and typical range. The guide also distinguishes between regular and IR-type modems, describing how to order and configure serial and Ethernet IR interface modules. Last updated: April 22, 2010 Product Comparison Reference An alphabetical collection of RADs most popular product family comparison tables for easy selection of the product required for an application. Provided as spiral-bound booklets to technical seminar participants. For additional printed copies, place an order for catalog number 1940050000 (price = $10, minimum order = 10 copies). Mounting Kit Guide A guide to matching rack or wall mount kits for all RAD products Last updated: April 22, 2010 Supervisory Terminal Connection Guide Describes instructions for connecting a supervisory terminal to RAD products directly or via a dial-up modem link. PDF, 115 KB Last updated: December 21, 2003 DC Power Supply Connection AC/DC Adapter Plug CBL-DC-3WL/F Cable Circular Connector DC Power Supply Cable Terminal Block Connector