Best Practices for vCPE Deployment



The virtual CPE is a prime candidate for initial commercial deployment of NFV, especially in business services. For service providers, vCPE’s sweet spot lies in hardware abstraction and the ability to carry out shorter and more flexible deployment cycles for new services.

This paper presents vCPE implementation options available for service providers. It also reviews the various factors that should be considered to avoid pitfalls and ensure optimal bandwidth efficiency, security, survivability, performance, diagnostics, and QoE.
Download vCPE Deployment Best Practices white paper.


Table of Contents

  • The State of NFV
  • What is vCPE?
  • Market Drivers
  • Implementation Options and Factors
  • Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Future Outlook
  • Conclusion
  • RAD’s vCPE Offering

Download vCPE Deployment Best Practices white paper.