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Protected Multi-Station Ring Connectivity


High capacity ring protection for multi-station connectivity

Your Needs:

Protected ring connectivity for mission-critical applications such as automatic train supervision (ATS), centralized traffic control (CTC), positive train control (PTC), SCADA, multi-party hotlines, and passenger information systems (PIS) between stations and control rooms.

Our Solution:

Self-healing, multi-rate TDM and Ethernet ring (RFER – resilient Fast Ethernet ring) solutions with rapid sub-50 ms restoration that provides NSPF (no single point of failure) resiliency. Use multiservice multiplexers, single box devices for all communications needs at each location.


  • Under-50 ms restoration ring solutions for NSPF (no single point of failure) resiliency
  • High ring granularity at E1/T1 or VC-12/VT-1.5 level allows bandwidth optimization over copper, dark fiber and SDH/SONET
  • Hybrid Ethernet and TDM architecture for smooth and cost-effective migration from TDM to PSN
  • Carrier-grade Ethernet ensures service performance and ongoing KPI monitoring