RAD's Distributed NFV (D-NFV) Applications Alliance gathers application developers and VM (virtual machine) vendors addressing the enterprise IT/OT market. These applications are made available to service providers around the globe via RAD's D-NFV platform, to enhance their service offering for enterprise and SMB subscribers.



RAD's D-NFV solution allows application vendors to easily extend their reach and offer their solutions to a larger audience with no additional investment in their sales force. Service providers, from their end, can get ahead of their competition by rolling out new services faster, smarter and with a better ROI.

For Alliance Partners


  • Take part in the growing market of virtual appliances and services
  • Your application sold by leading service providers around the world
  • Massive exposure to tens of thousands of potential new customers every year
  • Change your business model from physical appliances to standard value-added services
  • Join forces with RAD's technical team to optimize your application's performance and identify new opportunities

For Service Providers


  • Service agility and lower OpEx: Accelerate service delivery and reduce operational costs and complexity with rapid deployment, upgrade and turn-off of network functionalities
  • Enjoy the benefits of virtualization even before investing in data center upgrades or network redesign
  • Flexibly relocate existing VNFs wherever it is most effective or least expensive
  • Single box solution for NID and VAS functionality, combine multiple network functions on a single platform
  • Lower vendor dependency by using standard SW tools and APIs
  • Upgrade customer experience via better troubleshooting and support capabilities