Customers Edge

Network functions virtualization, or NFV, means that dedicated network devices are replaced by software running on common off-the-shelf (COTS) servers. The original approach to NFV advocates the placement of virtualized network functions (VNFs) not only in data centers, but throughout the network, wherever they are most effective and least expensive. RAD offers a unique solution for Distributed NFV at the customer edge.



Why the Customer Edge?
Why the Customer Edge?


Some functions must be placed at the customer site: Loopbacks, end-to-end security, traffic conditioning, encryption, WAN optimization


  • Some functions perform better at the customer site: End-to-end QoS, QoE application monitoring
  • Some functions may degrade due to network constraints: Bandwidth, delay, availability


Higher performance and resiliency requirements may lead to a cost increase, offsetting data centers’ economies of scale


  • Some functions need to remain close to the customer’s due to corporate policies on privacy, security and access authorization
  • Regulatory restrictions (e.g., on moving data across jurisdictions) may also apply